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About Us

Brand story

ZFH is a Saudi registered trademark brand, created in 2015. It has been created, by three ambitious guys, who found the potential and the need of creating a state of an art place, that serve the market with variety of tasty and healthy international food and smoothies menu.
All ZFH menu items, has been created and supervised, by one of the creditable chief internationally. In addition, it includes all the macros (Carbs, Protein, and Calories).

The idea of providing such a restaurant came mainly from the following reasons/facts:

  • The poor presence of such restaurants in the local market
  • The fact that the Obesity in Saudi Arabia is a growing health concern, with health officials stating that it is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths
  • The gym subscribers are increasing, and it becomes a trend among the youth generation

To build a society, which cares, shares, and support healthy living.
The perfect healthy food choice
Zero Fat House

    Provides a casual Healthy dining experience that exemplifies quality, value, service, and excellence in all aspects of the operation

    • Guarantees the use of fresh and best quality ingredients
    • Defines all the macro facts in all of it menu
    • Provides really tasty food
    • Provides a consistent taste
    • Provides Health and exercise advice to customers

ZFH guarantees the use of fresh and best quality ingredients